By digging through my old HD I’ve found this little gem. Gondwana was my first finished game for MS-DOS and Borland C++.

I’ll need to install dos-box for Ubuntu in order to re-play it :D

2D000 2D001 2D002 2D003 2D004 2D005 2D007 2D008 2D009 2D010 2D011 2D012 2D013 2D014

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  1. Juan - September 12, 2016

    Wow, an unknown dos game (spanish (like me :) )…. I suppose).

    Please, one question. This game was published commercially (standalone, in a magazine, etc..) or was only an “amateur” project?

    I ask you this because I knew about your old games published by Bialplen (like Pasapalabra, Touch Games or Zodiac Saints), but I never heard nothing about Gondwana.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S.: Would be nice to see a video of this game. ;)

    • admin - September 3, 2017

      Hi Juan,

      It was my first finished (well, kind of :D ) game and It happened before my first job, so It can be considered as an amateur game.

      The game was never published because it was a project for a magazine video-game contest in 1998.

      I tried to release it in the shareware market but with no luck (zero copies selled :P ). I’m going to find the game in my old HD (again) and try to upload a video (probably I’ll release the game for free too).


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