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Apps that rock!

What We Do


We offer software solutions in a freelance environment.
Compromise and love for what we do is our daily basis.


Ample experience in GIS development. We have experience in tools, 3d editors and tactical visualization.


You can check out previous video-game developments in this site. We can tackle the full development from scratch.

Custom Apps

Complex applications programming in a limited time environment is our speciality. Do not hesitate to ask.

Android ports

Our in-house framework allow us a quick and rock solid ports to every platform, even mobile phones or tablets.

If your company wants to port some desktop applications to a mobility target, contact us.

Recent News

Indra augmented reality project

Indra augmented reality project

I made this augmented reality project for Indra as a consultant in…
Gamedusa GUI 2022

Gamedusa GUI 2022

I want to show up my latest hobby project: The gamedusa GUI I…
Gondwana game review and download in www.old-games.ru

Gondwana game review and download in www.old-games.ru

https://www.old-games.ru/game/7251.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UE7kxzVBsU I want to say thanks to Uka from old-games.ru for…
Pistache Games

Pistache Games

Pistache Games is a multi-game system like the "A" machines that you could find…